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April 13, 2017


Trevor Titman is fighting for the rights of sober drivers who are as cooperative as possible with police in Austin, Texas

Trevor Titman invites everyone to view the story of his arrest, and to see all documen­tation from the arrest on

My mugshot photo taken in 2014.

In September of 2014, I was arrested in Austin, Texas with a booking charge of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). I spent 26 hours in jail and had a personally damaging mugshot released which will cause me problems for the rest of my life. This was after I was pulled over only because of police caused confusion. During this interaction I was polite and fully cooperative with Austin police officers. I volunteered to take a breath test which I found out later to be 0.00 and volunteered initially as I was being handcuffed to take a blood test to prove my innocence. At the police station I further volunteered to take any medical test to prove my innocence as documented in the videos being released. I never asked for a lawyer and cooperated as to the best of my abilities. Instead of being reciprocal, the Austin police pushed me with such questions like “when was the last time you had METH”. I responded that I have never had meth in my system and again I would take any medical test necessary to prove this. This was after I took a blood test to prove I had nothing in me, and I felt the Austin polices officers were trying to get some kind of false confession out of me.

I was left with a defamatory mug shot shown on such places like the Austin American Statesman’s website which I believe is Vilification Before Vindication. This photo and its accusation will follow me for the rest of my life. I was in legal limbo for about a year during which time travel plans were altered because of some countries not letting travelers in with the threat of DWI prosecutions over their heads. I never received the videos of the arrest, the blood test results, or the police dash camera videos as in many similar cases. In fact, the Travis County Attorney’s office appealed to the Texas Attorney General’s office to prevent disclosure of this information. The Texas Attorney General’s office came back with a ruling which gave me no other option but to sue to get the facts.

In September of 2016 I filed a lawsuit in Travis County Court. I was seeking all the facts from that night, damages, and to try to pressure city officials to make some changes to law enforcement which I feel does long term damage to the city and its citizens. I had tired to discuss these issues with city officials but received mostly push back, and currently very strong push back. A few months after I filed the lawsuit I started to receive information like the arrest report and police video. I was shocked at what was in those documents. According to Austin, Texas drug indication experts I was high on stimulants, depressants, and marijuana all at the same time. I also finally received the results of the blood test, after waiting over two years and suing the city, which came back negative on everything. City lawyers only acknowledged the existence of the video of my police interactions with the so-called drug experts.

I am coming forward publicly only now because I have lost hope that some Austin, Texas public officials would see the issues I raise with my experiences and choose to be constructive. I don’t believe what has happened to me should happen to others in this city. I was looking for an apology, some damages, and helping to craft reforms so this does not happen to others. This constructive cooperation has not happened and I have begun to receive some very aggressive push back from city lawyers. Austin city lawyers are currently demanding such things from myself as medical records from 10 years ago! This lawsuit is fully known to many at City Hall including Mayor Steve Adler.

Instead of listening to potentially serious problems with local government, the city of Austin has decided to shoot the messenger. I am raising issues that don’t just question the competence of the Austin Police, but also indicate possible corruption. In obtained video the arresting officers frequently make reference to receiving overtime pay which is a huge addition in pay to their regular salary. Also if Austin Police truly believed I was high on stimulants, depressants and marijuana at the same time as alleged, moves could have been taken to prevent myself from getting my driver’s license back as I did.

The Lawsuit is now in Federal Court and I will not give up. I am fighting what I believe to be disgusting behavior at all levels of Austin, Texas Government. Today I can’t tell anyone with a straight face when dealing with Austin police that being as open, honest and cooperative as possible is the way to go. This is sad and not the community that most of us want to live in. When people see my mugshot with the alleged crime I agree my story is honestly hard to believe. It’s the reputation of Trevor Titman vs. the currently very good reputation of city of Austin, TX. I invite everyone to visit to view a video of me making my case and all the documentation from the arrest.

I’m very grateful for the encouragement that I have received from friends for fighting this, and from others who have had similar situations happen to them or people nervous that this could happen to them. All city officials involved in these events should think deeply about what this thuggish behavior really means and what we want in our city.


Trevor Titman

Contact: [email protected]

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