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Ask me anything. I want to answer all of your questions as honestly and accurately as I can. I am transparent about this case and my intentions and would like to hopefully help someone with my experience. Ask away!

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  • Brian 22 April 2017
    Did officer Johnson appear to be under the influence of anything?
    • Well, I am not an expert on this so I am not going to say anything.  I will say that it seems like many Austin police officers are also not experts on this.  When I was being interrogated, the city of Austin Drug Identification Experts accused myself of being high on such things as meth, cocaine, marijuana, etc. and when the test came back, I was negative on everything tested!  I was accused of being high on depressants, stimulants, and marijuana and the Drug Experts got 0 out of 3 right.
    • I volunteered for the blood test immediately after the arrest because I knew a more scientific test was much better than any human test.  How many people have been let out of prison because of DNA testing and other medical science?!  I also volunteered for any other medical test to prove my innocence, yet this did not seem to sway the Austin Drug Experts.  Maybe their expertise should be called into question?
  • Sara 13 April 2017
    What advice would you give to someone in a similar situation?
    • I really can’t give the best answer to this right now….  I wish I could.  I am still very troubled about how things are vs how they should be.  Maybe in a year I would have a better answer to this.
  • Brad 13 April 2017
    What do you expect to achieve with this?
    • Hopefully, some criminal justice reform!  One big idea is getting more people’s attention about how mugshots are vilification before vindication.
  • Max 13 April 2017
    Why would you ever trust the police to have your best interest at heart?
    • There is an example of how things should be instead of how things really are.  I think there are a lot of good police officers out there, but that night was an unjustified 26 hour headache which no one should have to experience.  I also think there are some serious institutional issues with regards to how orders are carried out and how orders are given.  Reforms are needed!