Why I’m Suing the City of Austin, Texas

Hi, I’m Trevor Titman,

On September 15, 2016 I filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin and members of the Austin Police Department over an arrest made of myself two years before. The actions of the defendants have far reaching consequences which have the ability to violate the civil right of everyone in this city and to do so with immunity. I was arrested in Austin, TX on September 16, 2014 after I was pulled over because of a non-driving related issue.

After being completely polite and cooperative and after volunteering breath, blood, or more to test I was accused of being high on stimulants, depressants and marijuana at the same time. I then spent 26 hours in jail. I have a DWI mugshot on multiple websites saying I was charged in Austin Texas with a DWI. I had to spend years and thousands of dollars dealing with the related legal mess. The results of the blood test were only obtained over two years after the arrest after I sued to get the information because the Travis County Attorney’s office refused to hand them over and going so far as to appeal to the Texas Attorney General’s office. The results, when I finally received them said I was clean on everything.